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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Lancaster Acid Washing

Pool Service Lancaster offers year-round acid washing services for residential and commercial pools in Lancaster. Your pool needs servicing and maintenance. If the pool is left unattended, water may stagnate and promote algae growth. This is visible when you can see a green hue to your pool. The surface of your pool may incur stains, mineral deposits and accumulation of permanent layers when not maintained properly. If you have left the pool unattended through the winter or the water hasn't been drained properly for a long period, these problems may arise. This is when an acid wash is the way to go. Acid wash is particularly relevant for commercial pool cleaning.

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How Does Acid Washing Work?

The acid washing process simply peels off a thin layer of the plaster from the pool surface. Along with the peeled layer, deposits of grime or minerals, algae, stains and other surface issues are removed. The peeled layer gives way to a fresh, clean and new layer of plaster underneath. After an acid wash is performed, the look of your pool is dramatically improved. In fact, the pool surface looks like new! Give us a call today! You can also have the service included in your pool maintenance. Lancaster residents can avail our acid wash service anytime of the year.

When is Acid Washing Required?

At Pool Service Lancaster, we believe in performing pool procedures only when absolutely needed. For an acid wash, the simple rule-of-thumb is that when you can’t see the bottom of the shallow end of your pool, it needs an acid wash. Acid wash is typically preferable when the surface of your pool is significantly stained. You can still choose the more conventional approach of chemical treating and filtering the pool and it might work. However, the costs of this approach become prohibitive when the pool tiles have extensive staining, deposits and algae growth.

This is when an acid wash is a  better alternative. The process costs relatively less and offers better results. If you wish to restore your pool’s look after a long period of neglect, acid washing is a must do process of pool maintenance. Let our pool repair technicians take a look! 

Acid Washing Safety and Precautions

Acid washing involves the use of corrosive acid. This acid peels the top surface of the plaster in your pool. However, safety measures must be taken to ensure safe application of the acid. The acid used in the procedure produces strong fumes. The individuals performing the procedure must protect themselves from the fumes, as inhaling the fumes can be quite dangerous. 

Pool Service Lancaster’s technicians use safety masks and other protective gear when performing an acid wash. Other gear may include protective glasses, rubber boots and gloves.

The waste from an acid wash must be treated to neutralize its pH and then disposed of properly. We prioritize environmental concerns when performing acid wash. We take care of all of that in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Once the process is complete, the pool is filled back up, and pH is balanced. This is done to ensure there is no residual acid waste in the water. We thoroughly perform the pH test after an acid wash to ensure that the pool is ready and safe for a and ready for use.

If you are wondering “what is an environmentally conscious pool service near me,” Pool Service Lancaster is the obvious answer. This is reflected in the way we perform acid wash for commercial and residential pools in Lancaster.

Commercial Pool Cleaning and Acid Washing in Lancaster

Businesses or commercial facilities with large pools require acid washing more often. This is because such pools typically see more traffic. Given the size of these pools, if they are left unattended for even a brief period, the pool surface may be negatively impacted. In such a case, an acid wash is needed to restore the original look of the surface.

Pool Service Lancaster technicians are able to handle acid wash of pools of all sizes. Whether it’s a public pool at an apartment complex or an Olympic-sized pool at the local fitness club, we have got you covered. Our technicians can handle both residential and commercial pool cleaning jobs. All our technicians are also fully trained in the safety precautions that are essential for an acid wash. We also own the requisite equipment such as application nozzles, neutralizing materials and drainage pumps to perform the procedure in a quick and efficient manner.

Contact us today to get a free quote for our acid wash services. You can schedule our services the same day, any day of the week.