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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Lancaster Pool Maintenance

Pool Service Lancaster offers routine pool maintenance for both residential and commercial pools. Pool maintenance is essential for a clean, healthy and fresh looking and feeling pool. There's nothing better than taking a dip in  your personal pool during the during the dog days of summer or having your family together on a beautiful evening. However, these opportunities are not possible if your pool is not maintained on a routine basis. Regular pool maintenance is critically important for a variety of reasons It keeps the water in your pool healthy and clean. It also makes sure that algae does not take hold along the bottom or sides.

pool maintenance

If you want to be able to take a dip in your pool any time, you must ensure pool maintenance. Lancaster residents can contact us for all their pool maintenance needs. Whether its a weekly plan you are looking for or monthly pool maintenance, we will offer you flexible and customized options.

Weekly Maintenance

Our bread and butter client service is our weekly packages of pool maintenance. Lancaster residents and homeowners alike can give us a call anytime to schedule weekly maintenance.  Weekly maintenance is required for commercial pools at high schools and colleges, gyms and fitness clubs and apartment complexes. If you have a pool at home, it also requires weekly maintenance if many people routinely enjoy swimming in it. Our weekly maintenance services covers a broad range. These include a comprehensive cleanup of the pool, testing and calibration of the chlorine level, spa maintenance, pH analysis and adjustment, and more. We also perform pool repairs when required.

In order to keep you in the loop. We schedule a weekly maintenance services in consultation with you. This means that you can easily adjust the actual day of the service based on your own schedule. Routine maintenance ensures that you don’t have to worry about your pool problems again – we take care of all aspects of your pool. Whether any routine pool repairs come up or the pool needs a special servicing once in a while, our technicians do their best in a timely manner.

At Pool Service Lancaster, we take a very organized approach to pool-cleaning. Our experts make sure that there is little to no disruption to your property during the scheduled maintenance. We use specialized equipment and latest tools and techniques to achieve a sparkling, pristine pool. Give us a call!

Our Process

We perform a variety of routine and special procedures to make sure your pool is clean. The actual activities we perform largely depend on the unique circumstances of your pool. Typically, we first perform a quick diagnosis on your pool. Based on this assessment, we then determine the right pool plan that works with your pool. The following are some of the techniques and processes we undertake during residential and commercial pool cleaning in Lancaster:

Pool Testing: This is the first step in our pool maintenance services, we see if your pool has a green hue,  then chlorine level may not be correct or if the pH is not evenly disturbed. All the problems are essentially identified in the pool testing phase. Once the problems are identified, we proceed to balance the problem.

Pool Shocking: If your pool PH is out of wack, this indicates algae growth. To counter a strong algae growth, we use pool shocking techniques. These techniques are essential in removing the algae from the water.

Algaecide Use: Various chemicals are used to kill algae in a pool. Some of these chemicals are harmful. We use our own customized algaecide which is able to kill the algae without leaving any harmful effects on(to) the pool water.

Filter Backwash: Pool filters can get clogged or need to be cleaned, often depending on the intensity of their use. We apply backwash techniques to unclog and clean virtually any type of pool filter.

Pool Brushing: Some pools may need deep cleaning and brushing to restore their looks. Our Lancaster technicians are equipped to perform thorough filtration and brushing of your pool as well.

In addition to these routine activities, we also offer on-off activities when required, such a tile cleaning. Lancaster homeowners and businesses can also avail a variety of other products we offer that can help keep your pool in great shape. Ask us when we come out to see you!

Importance of Maintaining pH Levels

It is vitally important to maintain the pH and chlorine levels of your pool. The right pH ensures that the pool water is not too acidic or alkaline. Water that is too acidic or alkaline can cause significant harm to your skin, eyes and other parts. Our experts thoroughly check your pool to ensure that the pH level is right. If it is not, they adjust the level accordingly. Similarly, the right amount of chlorine is vital to the maintenance of healthy pool water. Chlorine discourages the growth of bacteria and other unhealthy elements. We routinely check and adjust chlorine level in your pool during weekly maintenance. If you are looking for the best pool companies in Lancaster, we are the answer. Contact us today to schedule weekly maintenance for your pool.