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From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

Lancaster Pool Repair

We take pride in our pool repairs sector in Lancaster and love what we do. Pool repairs must be performed in a timely and professional manner. On time repairs can save you from larger expenses down the road as all parts depend on each other to work correctly . They also prevent any further damage to the pool, pool equipment and the surrounding property.

Our Lancaster technicians offer a full range of affordable pool repair services. Whether you are a commercial pool in Lancaster or a homeowner with a pool, we can help! 

pool maintenance

Pool Repair Services in Lancaster

Pool Repair Services in Lancaster

Following is the full list of our pool repair services in Lancaster:

Equipment Repairs

  • Pool Filter Repair
  • Pool Pump Repair
  • Pool Light Repair
  • Pool Heater Repair
  • Pool Motor Repair
  • Portable Spa Repair
  • Portable Hot Tub Repair

Structural Repairs

  • Pool Leak Repair
  • Pool Tile Repair
  • Pool Plaster Repair
  • Vinyl Pool Repair
  • Inground Pool Repair

Whether your pool has a structural problem or just a faulty piece of equipment, our experts can take care of it. We understand that you want your pool to run perfectly and so do we! Any problems with the pool can degrade your pool experience. If you have a commercial swimming pool, malfunctions or structural damage can result in a loss of business which is never good for your bottom line. 

Here at Pool Service Lancaster, we fully understand these concerns. This is why our experts use the latest equipment and advanced techniques to perform pool repairs. Lancaster CA homeowners and businesses fully trust us and we pride ourselves in delivering affordable pool repairs with a smile. Give us a call! 

Swimming Pool: an Ecosystem In Itself 

A swimming pool needs repairs from time to time. Even with regular maintenance, the pool may run into various problems. The structure may incur damage such as chipped or broken tiles, holes or undone plaster. At the same time, the equipment installed in the pool may break down or start malfunctioning. These problems can arise for a variety of reasons. The most notable among these is a lack of regular maintenance. This can directly lead to clogging of equipment, and motor failure..

The importance of regular pool and spa maintenance can’t be overemphasized. If you are a business with a commercial pool, the pool must be in good shape. If it isn’t maintained, repaired and fully functional, potential visitors may turn away. This can create a bad reputation for your business, so you need regular commercial pool cleaning services.

If you have a pool at home, you and your family can enjoy pool-time only when it is working well. If the motor is not working, the filter has malfunctioned or there are chipped tiles on the pool surface, these can become hazards. This is why timely repairs are crucial for both residential and commercial pools.

Timely repairs of a pool are also essential to keep down your costs of pool maintenance. A single crack in a pool tile is easy to mend. When left unattended, the crack can damage the whole tile which you may be forced to remove a large portion of the tile. This in turn can be an expensive fix and exposes other tiles to damage.

Damage to a pool’s structure can also spread to other parts of your property. This includes something as simple as calcium deposits that need calcium removal. Lancaster residents can hire our technicians to handle the problem before it gets worse. If left unattended, it can lead to expensive repairs down the road. A hole in the pool bed, for instance, can seep into the ground which, in turn, may damage the lawn or any other adjoining areas. Money timely repair can save you a significant amount of money and hassle in the long-run.

Pool Equipment Installment, Repair and Replacement

Our experts work with the full range of pool equipment including pool filters, pumps, motors, spa, lighting, valves, switches, breakers, heaters, hot tubs and more. We also provide inground pool service across Lancaster. If you are looking to have a new piece of pool equipment installed, or have an existing piece of equipment replaced, please give us a call! 

At Pool Service Lancaster, we supply all pool parts directly from wholesalers, which helps us offer you the best price on pool equipment. Our repair-over-replacement policy is there so that we will do our best to repair the problem as a first priority. The next step will be choosing a high-quality yet affordable replacement.

Any project large or small, we can help with repairs, installations and replacements. Simply give Pool Service Lancaster a call and let us know the problem. Our experts will set up a meeting in no time.